Our services are always completely customer focused. Our main goal is
to contribute to an efficient, fast and correct management of the legal, financial and economic environment
that every estate agent operation entails.


  • Valuations

    We apply the valuation method that is suitable to each property according to our client’s circumstances. Knowing the value of the property is basic information to any economic agent involved in the estate agent market. The property value takes into consideration the different factors that dictate with accuracy and objectivity in order to achieve the correct price.


    We also offer our clients services for a town planning management. Not only are we able to process your planning permission, trading license, registration and cancellation of tax on economic activities, liquidation of opening rates…but also we can manage your property in lot permission, development or approval of urban planning.


    Before you invest, take a look at our experience, accumulated in such a specific market as the industrial property market. We propose feasibility plans for your property investments. We calculate implicit capital gains, short and long term profitability, taking into consideration possible fiscal handicaps.


    We give you legal advice in your estate agent operations. Our legal department will draw up contracts, register properties in Registro de la Propiedad and we can also assist you in evicting tenants or non tenants from your property, claims for failure to complete contracts etc… We can give you fiscal advice in all your operations.


    Allow us to manage your business for you, allowing you to dedicate yourself to being the owner. Delegate your responsibilities in us.
    • - Collecting income tax (VAT, withholding tax)
    • - Make Income effective
    • - Contractual news
    • - Renewal and extending contracts
    • - Management and invoicing for repair work or renovations
    • - Taking out of and renewals of compulsory insurances...

    We take full care of the sale of land for business premises on industrial estates. We have been managing the property sales of institutional developers for a great many years, and always with the most efficient marketing plans. Our unquestionable success has been achieved over a record period of time.



    We coordinate the process from the beginning to its completion. Our “ready to operate project” construction service means the possibility of constructing your industrial warehouse or centre in line with your specific necessities, both in terms of the structure of the building right down to the finishes. We build strictly according to your necessities, and defined measurements.


    We construct at cost price, not adding on extra charges. We cut out promoter‘s profit. Normally they take a charge, and this can be as much as 20% of the final works budget. You will be your own promoter. We select the best contracted builders, who ensure the highest quality at the best price. You can count on our proven experience and have the possibility of dealing directly with our sub-contracted constructors, or if you prefer you can bring in your own.


    Coordination of the following aspects.
    • - Presentation of various budgets for each part of the work, setting out the advantages and the disadvantages of each potential subcontractor. Our budgets are never more than 3% out on the final price of the work. We make this a solid commitment
    • - Time programming of the work, right from the movement of earth at the beginning through to the project being handed over ready for your operations
    • - Drawing up the contracts between you and the different contracted builders in order to guarantee that they meet the agreed standards of the project, and that the work is executed within the stipulated time period
    • - Follow up on the construction, making weekly visits to the works site

    We offer the following complementary services.
    • - Topographic interventions and moving soil and earth
    • - Depositing construction waste in the authorized landfill
    • - Analysis and tests on the quality of land, soil, and construction materials
    • - Town and city hall authorisations. Paying taxes, rates and constituting securities
    • - Processing all work permits
    • - Obtaining certificate of “new construction” project up until the property is inscribed in the Registry of Property
    • - Processing of the changes in tax qualifications for the purposes of the Tax on Properties, or rates